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Through the years I have observed that some of companies are trying to conserve cost by reusing or buying lower priced paper for their printers and copiers. Let me tell you why this is not a good policy for saving money.

Value of paper

When it comes to saving money, we all are trying to reduce costs.  I'm the first guy in the office looking for good deals on paper.  When deciding which paper is the best value, please consider the brightness ratings that's on the box and the weight of the paper. The recommended paper for everyday use is 20 pound paper. When purchasing your paper make sure that your buying at least 92 bright. The brightness rating will be on the carton and the ream. The 88 brightness is the one not to buy (even though the the price is less). 88 bright will cause problems in your equipment.

Using improper paper in your printer's and MFP's will cause problems in your machines. Please be advised not to re-use paper that has already been run through your equipment. This paper has been changed and will cause more wear and tear and jamming.

Managing Your Paper for Optimum use

I have found through the years that some end users are not storing paper properly. 
The best results for paper are as follows: The best policy is to place in your equipment no more than a weeks worth of paper, in order to keep paper fresh. When opening a new ream of paper leave what your not using in the outer cover. The outer cover has a coating on the inside that protects the paper from soaking up your environment. The paper is some what like a sponge. The two main changes that effect paper are dryness and moisture. For best results keep your paper away from heating and cooling vents. 

Dry paper - This usually happens in the winter months when the heat is on. Side effects are static electricity build up that causes jamming or 2 or more pages will go through the machine at one time.
Wet Paper - When I say wet paper I don't mean ringing wet. I mean extra moisture in the paper that will cause low quality print, curling and jamming. This usually occurs in high humidity and or using air conditioning. The best way keeping the paper from developing high moister is to keep paper away from your heating cooling vents.

Steve Rattray

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