Our Six-Step Process
Remanufacturing Cartridges

1. We inspect each cartridge for excessive wear or damage.

2. We replace worn or damaged components.

3. We replace the OEM drum with long-life replacement drum.

4. We thoroughly clean the cartridge.

5. We then test the cartridge to make sure all components are working, test page included with each new cartridge.

6. We then seal the cartridge in a special anti-static light protective shipping bag, and box.

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"We take customer service seriously."

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our cartridges are guaranteed to perform to your satisfaction. 

90 days satisfaction guarantee. 

Call us, we will either pick up the cartridge and repair it or refund your money.
Remanufactured Toner Cartidges

At Imaging Resources Inc, our toner re-engineered cartridge process allows us to offer a lower cost product than the original while offering equal (even better, we think) performance. 

With our manufacturing and technical experience you can use our re-engineered cartridges with confidence.

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